Computer problems? Don't get stressed call Computer Rehab
Happiness is getting Computer Rehab to setup and install your computer system.
At Computer Rehab we can repair, support and help with a huge range of problems

 Internet Problems

Not being able to access the internet is both annoying and a big inconvenience.  Most of us rely on the internet more and more.  When its working it's great, when it's not most of us are immediately restricted in our day to day lives.

We can quickly come out and identify where the problem lies.  If it's an equipment problem, fix it, if it's a internet provider problem then contact them on your behalf.  There is nothing worse than ringing a call centre, waiting on hold for 10 minutes and then getting the brush off. We take that frustration away and get you up and running as fast as possible.


Computer Installations

Wouldn't it be great if when you bought a new computer, move house or want a home computer network setup someone would come round to your house and do it all for you?  Then give Computer Rehab a call because thats exactly what we do.

Got a new computer?  We can install it, setup your internet access, move over your data from your old machine, setup your printing, provide and install your internet security.  Provide file and printer sharing if required and then provide tuition and advice on the best ways to avoid furture problems.