Desktop and Laptop Repairs

At Computer Rehab we are able to repair a very wide range of faults to laptops and desktop machines.  If it is not mentioned on this site give us a call for advice and price.


Desktop will not power up

This is most likely due to a power supply failure with in the machine. The repair would cost around £30 plus parts A standard supply would cost around £30

Broken laptop screen

Due to the nature of laptops and the use they get put to we regularly get asked to repair broken or dead screens.  For an accurate quote give us a call.  An approximate price would be around £50 plus parts.  Replacement screens can cost from £60 to £120 depending on the make and size.

Broken laptop power socket

Unfortunately the power sockets on laptops tend to be subject to a lot of stress.  these often fail and the laptop will not power up.  Power socket replacement will cost approximately £40 plus parts. Parts could be between £5 and £20 depending on the design and make of the laptop.


There are occasions with some problems where it may be more cost effective to replace the machine.  If this is the case you will be given an honest answer.  We do not sell computers but are happy to provide guidance and help as to a suitable replacement for you that meets your requirements.

* The prices shown above are for guidance only.  For a more exact quote please call the office on 01438 742332.  The prices above do not have a call out charge included and assumes the defective items are shipped to the Computer Rehab office by the customer.