Is Your Laptop or Desktop Overheating ?

Your laptop or desktop will produce some heat. The question is, is it dissipating the heat correctly.  If it is doing any of the following the chances are its getting too hot.

  1. The heat should be blown out through the vents in the case not though the case or keyboard itself.
  2. Is the fan running continuously ?
  3. is it making more noise than usual?
  4. Is It quieter than normal? the fan may have stopped altogether
  5. Does it switch off without warning?

Approximate cost is £60

This price is if the machine is brought to us at Computer Rehab.


If your machine is suffering from any of the above symptom's then it may well be getting hotter than it should.

Over heating is often ignored.  The machine continues to work so why worry.

Why Should I worry about Over Heating ?

The problem with an over heating machine is that the excess heat causes the motherboard and its components to become stressed this will in time cause what are called dry joints and a breakdown in the soldered connections on the board.  The components them selves will become stressed.  If it is not rectified reasonably quickly you will start to experience problems.  This will eventually lead to the machine not switching on or powering on and then off again.  If the components and the board are damaged it will often require a board replacement.  This is expensive and can often be an uneconomical repair.


Over the past few years due to ecological demands lead has been removed from the solder that is used on computer circuitry.  This along with over heating causes what is known as dry joints on the board.  The continued heating and cooling of the solder causes it to break down.  The only cure is to have the board reballed which means removing the solder and replacing it with solder with lead in it.  We at Computer Rehab are able to get motherboards reballed but it is required that the machine is sent away.  This is quite time consuming and cancost in the region of £160.