Four easy steps to get your laptop screen repaired.

Don't Worry!

We can have you backup and running usually with in 36 hours of receiving your machine.

Call Computer Rehab on 01438 742332. We are here to help.

We can replace the broken laptop screen fast and professionally.

Once repaired we will call you to arrange drop off or collection with as little inconvenience to you as possible.


How Much Is This Going To Cost ?

Approximately £50 Plus Parts.

Despite your laptop being portable the screens are surprisingly fragile.

The good news is we can repair it fast and often have you back up and running with in 24 hours depending on when we receive it and as long as it is not the weekend, that takes a little longer.

A ball park figure for supply and fit a replacement screen of the same quality as the existing unit is £100.  Sometimes it is a little more sometimes a little less.  Occasionally the screens can be ridiculously expensive often making it beyond economic repair.  If we order by 3pm it is usually possible to have the screen delivered for the following day.  We will then fit, test and contact you to return the laptop.

Please Note.

We do not purchase a replacement screen unless we have the laptop here to be able to obtain the part number from the screen.  The reason for this is that there are many screen models available and to ensure we purchase the correct item we require the part number.  We repair the laptop screen as fast as possible often within 24 hours.  We are dependent on suppliers and therefore this cannot be guaranteed.