FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


As you can imagine we get asked all sorts of question by our customers.  The most frequently asked are listed below.  If you have a question you would like to ask please contact us on 01438 243404.


Should I have my computer Serviced ?

Yes.  Any Computer Engineer will recommend having your machine serviced.  It helps keep it working better, more reliable and less likely to suffer from malware and virus problems.  For details of what a service involves click HealthCheck.

How often should I have my computer serviced ?

The frequency of a service depends on its use.  If you download all sorts of content then you are at a greater risk from having a problem and therefore may need your machine servicing more frequently.  If you are carefull what sites you access and avoid downloads from unknown sources then once a year should be fine.

What machines do Computer Rehab support ?

We at present support all personal computers which have Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 installed.  We cannot at present support Apple Macs or Linux.  As you can imagine there are hundreds of thousands of  different programs on the market, we do our very best to provide support to all of the main packages available.

Do Computer Rehab repair computers ?

We do carryout repairs on desktop machines depending on what the fault is.  With the considerable drop in the price of computers it will on occasions be more cost effective to replace the machine.  Please contact the office for advice and cost.

Can Computer Rehab arrange to have broadband supplied to my house and install the necessary equipment ?

Yes ! We will come to your home and discuss your requirements.  We can then recommend a suitable broadband provider to best fit your needs.  Many providers will supply the necessary equipment to get you connected.  We will come back on the day following the broadband activation day and install the equipment.  We will provide any other equipment necessary.  We can configure your email address and necessary software to access it, setup printing, advise and provide a backup strategy and any other requiements.  We will then sit down with you and a cup of tea and explain everything to you in plain english.

Can more than one computer use broadband at the same time ?

Yes.  It is necessary to install a router.  This is very straight forward and does not take very long.  A router is just a small box that allows you to share the broadband service that comes into your home between a number of machines.

Is it possible to share files between computers ?

Yes.  Sharing files between machines is becoming common place now in the home.  For example if you have a main computer with your files on and you would like to be able to look at the files on this PC from maybe a laptop.  Rather than copy the files from  one machine to the other it can be set up to be shared so that you can open the files that are on the main PC on your laptop.

What hours do Computer Rehab operate ?

Our normal office hours are 8:30 to 5:30 Monday to Friday.  Appointments can be outside of these times upon arrangement.  An answer phone service will always be available outside of these times.  Please leave a message and your contact details for us to return your call as soon as possible.  If you would prefer to drop us an email please do so at info@computer-rehab.co.uk

Can Computer Rehab show me how to get my photo's off of my camera or phone ?

Yes.  We will show you how to copy your photo's to your computer.  The best ways to store them and how to back them up just in case of a machine failure.

Should I backup my files on my computer ?

Yes Yes Yes.  Without question.  The question to ask yourself is "if i was to get up tomorrow and my files had gone would it be a problem?" If the answer is yes then contact us to come round and show you the best and most straight forward way to do this. Don't wait until its too late.

Is it possible to backup my emails ?

Yes.  If you use Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Windows Mail or any other program that stores the email on your machine then it can be backed up.  If you use webmail, in other words you read your email using Internet Explorer then these are stored on the server at your email providers end in which case there is no need.

What is webmail ?

Webmail is when you use Internet Explorer, Firefox or some other browser to read your email.  The email is stored at the email providers end and you are using Internet explorer as a window to view the information.  Most people have heard of Hotmail, this is used usually though webmail.

Can I access my email when I am not at home ?

Yes.  As mentioned above if you use webmail then you can read your email from any machine on the Internet with Internet Explorer on it or in the case of an Apple Mac, Safari installed on it.

Can Computer Rehab show me how to talk to my friends on my computer ?

Yes.  Being able to talk to friends and relatives over the Internet is becoming more and more popular.  It is possible to talk across the Internet for free using your computer.  You can even with a webcam installed see your loved ones at the other end.  The most common way is to use either Live Messenger or Skype.  Both of which are free services.  For more information give us a call.

Can you show me how to email photo's to my friends ?

Yes.  Now that digital cameras are common place the first thing we want to do is to email pictures to each other.  The thing to remember is that with modern digital cameras the size of the files produced by these camers is quite large and this can cause problems if you try to email 20 pictures to a friend.  It is possible to reduce the size of the files without losing the quality  for viewing on a computer screen.

What is Itunes ?

Itunes is a piece of software available free from Apple.  It provides a source of thousands of music tracks that you can purchase.  You can also copy off of your existing cd collection of music. You are then able to play them on your pc.  You can create play lists and group your favourite tracks together.  If you own an IPOD then this is also the software used to copy the music, podcast and photos to your IPOD.  Itunes will only support the IPOD and not other mp3 players.

Do I need two phone lines, one for the phone and one for Broadband ?

No.  The days of needing two phone lines if you wanted to make phone calls whilst using the internet have long since gone now that broadband is available.  You can now send speech and internet down the same wire at the same time.

How can I download music on my computer ?

There are a number of suppliers of music on the internet.  Sites like Itunes, Napster, Tesco and many others offer music downloads at reasonable prices.  All of these are legal and should be virus free.  Other options are sites like Limewire, Kazaa, Imesh and others.  These are in breach of copy write and therefore illegal.  Another reason to avoid these is that it is also the easiest way to download virus infected files.  This can cause your machine to be slow, the loss of your valuable files and potentially be costly.