The statement above sounds blunt but all too often we receive calls from customers who have lost valuable data and do not have a backup.  It sounds obvious but if you value the data on your computer be it financial or sentimental value you should backup it up. 

The problem with backing up your data on your machine is that it is easier said than done and one of those tasks we always put off until tomorrow.  There is nothing worse than switching on your computer one day and it fails to start-up. 


The immediate reaction is “what’s happened to all my photos and music?”

Hard drives, where you data is stored do fail and usually without any notice.

I encourage my customers to do the same as I do and that is to use an automatic backup where possible or backup to a separate hard drive.  A relatively small expense now can save a lot of distress and expense if the worst happens.


We can supply you with a means of backing up your files easily and conveniently giving you complete peace of mind.

1. Using Carbonite.  This software once installed will backup all of your data automatically and store it securely in a data safe that only you can access.

With a few clicks any lost files can be restored to your machine in seconds.  You can also access your files from anywhere in the world that has an Internet connection.

When your machine is turned on your files are continually being backed up in the background.

Its easy, convenient and secure.

 2.  With a separate hard drive and back-up software, we are able to configure your machine to copy all your important date with just a few clicks. 

The best solution for you depends on your circumstances.

Call Julie or Ken to discuss your backup strategy and be happy in the knowledge that your data is safe.