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We are now able to provide remote support.  For many software problems it may not require visiting your home. We may, using TeamViewer be able to fix your problem from our office.  Call 01438 742332 and speak to Ken. Download TeamViewer and provide the displayed session code to allow our remote connection.

Is your PC slow ?
Broken laptop Screen ?
Got a Computer Virus ?Virus removal
WiFi Problems ?
Cannot Access The Internet ?

Blue Screen Of Death ?

Computer Over Heating ?
Email Problems ?

Desktop and Laptop Repairs

Computer repairs can be broken down in to two categories.  Hardware and software.

A hardware problem is a physical failure in the computer itself.  A software failure is a problem with a Windows or an associated program on your machine.  At Computer Rehab we are highly experienced in both areas whether it be a desktop or laptop machine.  Listed are some of the regular request we receive from customers.

Hardware Problems

  • Broken or faint laptop screen.
  • Laptop will not power on.
  • Broken mains electrical socket on laptop.
  • Faulty laptop power supply.
  • Broken or missing keys on keyboard.
  • Laptop crashing due to over heating.
  • Hard drive failure.  Data recovery required.
  • Desktop power supply failure. Desktop will not power on.
  • Desktop overheating.
  • Wireless connection problems.
  • Printer prints blank pages.

Software Problems

  • Blue Screen of Death BSOD.
  • Virus and/or malware infections and pop-ups.
  • Machine very slow.
  • Wireless connection problem
  • Machine hanging.

When it comes to computers four things ensure a stress free life.
  • A regular computer healthcheck.
  • Backing up your valuable data.
  • Being secure when your online.
  • Having someone you can trust and call upon should disaster strike.



      The most important part of your machine is your data eg.  family photographs, business documents and emails etc.  Talk to us about the best way to backup your important information.

      Do not put it off until tomorrow. It may be too late.